The Burning Month (It’s Loki Time! Day 31)

I never liked summer much, before–
the humidity, the oppressive heat,
the dryness of the grass, as though
the land itself was crying out in pain.

Knowing You, though, it’s different:
ice cream-flavored kisses under a tree,
stargazing while crickets serenade us,
allowing the season’s heat into my heart
to thaw all the frozen places inside me.

For this is the Burning Month, Beloved,
and I have given much to Your fire
to be turned into new life, new warmth,
new hope. And You have given much in turn.

So as the month ends, our story continues:
with new supporting characters, new themes,
a different setting, unexpected plot twists,
but still the same tale, more or less,
full of passion and sorrow and deep, abiding love
(and a 1000 elephants, but that goes without saying).

Tangible Joy (It’s Loki Time! Day 30)

A gentle poke to one of my cheeks:
You’ve got laugh lines,
He said, utterly delighted.
And so was I.
After so long spent
fumbling through dark places,
I’m learning joy again:
how to laugh until I ache,
what it feels like
to tremble with wonder
so profound I can barely breathe,
when the best time
for spontaneous adventure is
(anytime, obviously)–
and it’s reflected,
in the contours of my face,
which He’s mapped
with His fingertips
again and again,
following the winding road
to bliss and back.

First Impressions (It’s Loki Time! Day 29)

There are still moments
when I catch a glimpse
of Your face,
or hear Your name
on another’s tongue,
or feel the brush
of Your hand on my wrist,
and, although I’ve
lived with You for years,
I still feel that thrill
rush through me–
the one that shocked me
on our first encounter,
where I looked into Your eyes
and something kindled in me,
to smolder, all unknown,
in the deep and silent
halls of my heart.

Awakening (It’s Loki Time! Day 28)

Early morning
with You beside me,
still half in dreams
or not–contain
some whisper
of Your voice,
Your touch.
Drifting here,
I could fall asleep
again, or wake fully
to this new day
and its concerns.
But for now,
there’s no need
to decide just yet.
I can stay here
for a while longer,
nestled in blankets
and Your embrace,
and slowly draw
my dreams of You
into the waking world.

Vertigo (It’s Loki Time! Day 27)

I fell through the sky,
and You were there–
not to catch me,
but to fall with me
through endless blue,
spinning and tumbling
toward terminal velocity,
staring death down
with a grin on Your face
and Your hand gripping mine,
and I was so dizzy
from love of You
I never felt it
when we hit the ground.

Heartsong (It’s Loki Time! Day 26)

It’s not always–
or even usually–
about the festivals
and ecstatic rituals,
elaborate offerings
and life-altering vows.
Our relationship is found
in the spaces between,
the times when there’s
little more to keep us
as an us than stubbornness
and a will to mend
the tattered places
in our shared life.

But there’s more magic
to be found here,
in ordinary time,
than the surface shows.
Fierce tenderness
and gentle passion
bubbles within,
filling the seeming emptiness
with music–
a song to work to
while we plant and harvest,
fight and make up,
stir the soup
and wash the bowls.

And that song
is what I hear
when You whisper in awe
that You love me,
and when I reply
with the same words,
and when we scream in rage,
and cry out in pleasure,
and chant adorations
to the unnumbered stars–
for in love, Beloved,
it is all the same,
and it is all beautiful.

Slumber Party (It’s Loki Time! Day 25)

We both have other loves,
other obligations,
other hearths and other hopes,
but sometimes,
on certain nights,
it’s just us:
a secret club
like in elementary school,
with a password
and a sign on our pillow fort
(because You’re a woman, too,
when You want to be),
and we eat popcorn
and braid each other’s hair
and gossip about who likes Whom
while the TV,
turned down low,
plays Disney movies
late into the night.

Candles (It’s Loki Time! Day 24)

I light this flame for You,
and for me,
and for all those we love,
however far away–
though miles and years
intervene, there is room
in this pool of light
for all, because each of us
bears our own candle,
small though it may be.

From hand to hand
the holy spark passes,
illuminating hearts
and spreading the warmth
of love and inspiration
right down to our bones.

And so we stand in candlelight
with You at the center,
bright as a bonfire,
laughing with a sound
like licking flames–
both wildfire in full rage,
and the settling of embers
in a drowsing hearth.

Beloved, I lift my candle to You.

Absence (It’s Loki Time! Day 23)

When You’re gone,
I wonder where You roam:

if You’re off drinking
with Your numerous friends,
cracking jokes about the Mjolnir Incident

or exploring for the sake of
the wind in Your hair
and the freedom under Your feet

or curled up in a forgotten corner
to drowse and dream
while rain patters on the window…

or else there’s some deeper purpose
for Your absence, some task
that only You can accomplish–

knitting Worlds and Wyrd together,
getting us all into and out of trouble again,
kindling Your holy fire in a thousand yearning hearts.

Whatever the case, I wait
contentedly, for I know that
wherever You go, You always return


Caught (It’s Loki Time! Day 22)

Eyes like a cat’s
as He regards me,
illusions dropping
from my skin,
discarded weight
of disguises
I no longer need
hitting the floor,
heart thudding
in my chest,
my truest self
caught and bare
in His palms–
breaking apart
is the hardest thing,
but He holds me so gently.

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