Three Signs for the New Week (February 8, 2016)

The cards: King of Shapeshifters (reversed), Page of Four-Leggeds (reversed), The Sun

What Gwydion has to say:

Take on nothing new this week, but do not dwell on the past, either. You have drunk enough from that cup of bitterness. Feel the tender places within you now without judgment, without pressing on them too hard. Reach back and find the thread of light that connects you to the things that once brought you joy untempered. Pull on it, wrap it around yourself gently. Become the comfort you so crave. Hands that can hurt can also heal; it is time to pull those jagged edges back together so they can knit cleanly into wholeness once more. And trust, also, that it can happen still.

Have a great week, everyone. <3

Three Signs for the New Week (February 1, 2016)

The cards: 2 of Winged Ones, King of Winged Ones (reversed), 3 of Shapeshifters (reversed)

What Gwydion has to say:

If the only way to maintain your integrity is to walk away, then that’s what you must do. You are the ruler of your own destiny, much as you might prefer to hand the responsibility over to others. No good can come of burying your dreams and desires; left in the dark for too long, they rot and become resentment, slowly poisoning your entire life. Perhaps you are not yet in a place where you can sever ties to all that’s holding you back, but you can at least set a few small things into motion, build momentum for what you need to do next. It’s all a choice, in the end. Where do you use your energy? Where do you lend your power? Where does it hurt most? Where are you going as the world tugs you along in its wake, and where would you end up if you decided to let go of the rope?

Have a great week, everyone. <3

Status Report

No divination this week–my stomach has been acting like a preschooler again and arbitrarily deciding that it doesn’t like stuff it was fine with before. So today is a lounge around in bed and watch Netflix day, but with any luck next Monday I’ll get back into my usual routine, whatever that may be. :P

In the meantime, enjoy this video, which is relevant right now because of Reasons:

Three Signs for the New Week (January 18, 2016)

The cards: 7 of Winged Ones, 5 of Ancients (reversed), 5 of Winged Ones

What Gwydion has to say:

I will not advise you to put all of your trust into another’s hands, especially now; however, there are many rewards to be gained by reaching out to one with whom you feel a measure of rapport. Hoarding the treasures of your experience away benefits none but yourself. What thief do you fear? No one can steal the truths your heart is built upon, nor sap the foundations of your deepest joy. Perhaps you will not allow anyone else into the garden of your soul just yet… but still you can carry baskets of flowers from it, to share with someone who also comes to your meeting place with blossom-laden arms.

Have a great week, everyone. <3

We Scots are a very serious and reserved people.

So someone posted this pic on my dad’s Facebook timeline:


To which he replied:

Not sure what the symbolism is, though. Could be: “I hang panties on a makeshift cross while I Nae Nae.” A loose translation of “S Rioghal Mo Dhream.”

How I got my sense of humor is an utter mystery. :P

A Brief Affirmation of My Continued Existence

Yeah, it’s been quiet around here for a while, hasn’t it? The last couple of weeks have been filled with the magical whirlwind Didney Worl trip (“It’s the Legit-est Place on Earth!”) and far too little sleep, so I haven’t had much time or gumption to spare for blog posts. But I am still alive–at least to the best of my knowledge–and will probably write up something a little more content-ful and informative fairly soon.

That said, I’m taking this Monday off from the weekly reading, too. I’m not in a terribly good mindset for doing divination at the moment, due to various factors, and we’re all better off if I don’t try to force anything right now. Besides, it IS still technically my honeymoon… *cough*

In unrelated news, you can now bother me on Tumblr if that’s a place you ever hang out. Or you can just go there and ogle my haphazard and unthematic collection of Legit and shiny things if you want, whatever. It’s strictly a happy-place blog, and likely to remain so; all of my actual writing is going to remain right here, so you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out on anything if you’d rather not venture away from WordPress. I do have a “Welcome to Faestralia” tag, though, for stuff that reminds me of Over There–sometimes in a humorous way.

Until next time! :)

No Sleep ‘Til Didney

Just giving everyone a heads-up that I won’t be doing a divination post this Monday or the next, since I’m going to be out of town for the next week doing the wedding thing. And the flail thing. And the hide-in-a-pillow-fort-and-whimper thing. And possibly the extra-Legit-tattoo thing. In other words, just another typical trip to Didney Worl.

Have a great week, everybody, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. …Erm, well, that’s maybe not the most prudent advice I could give. :P But in any case, stay awesome, and I’ll see you all in 2016! :D

Wren Day

Reblogging my post from last year–this time on the appropriate day, even!

I was going to add that I didn’t do anything special to mark the holiday this year, either, but I just realized that that’s not strictly true–I ended up watching the Nova episode “Ghosts of Murdered Kings,” which is about the ancient bodies that have been discovered preserved in bogs around Northern Europe. The analysis of some of the bodies from Ireland has led researchers to speculate that they may have been sacred Kings who were sacrificed to appease the Land. So, although this was an entirely unintentional observance–at least on my part–it is rather fitting, given the theme of the day.

Bonfire at Midnight

All right, so this is slightly belated. I spent the 26th (and most of the days since) fending off the holiday bug that’s been going around, though, so I think I was justified in sleeping and drinking vast quantities of water instead of typing up posts or doing anything overtly religious.

I was fully intending to blow off writing this post altogether and wait for next year’s observance, too, but a certain Someone won’t leave me alone. Just like last winter at around this same time, there are wrens living on our back porch that kick up a fuss every time someone leaves or enters the house; they’ve even filched bits of fiberglass insulation from the garage to line their nest. Other, more personally significant, symbolism of said Individual keeps inserting itself into my awareness on a daily basis. And now even friends who live hundreds of miles away are…

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Happy Decemberween!

Not exactly part of the “Final Countdown” series, but sort of; the unmarked van bit makes me suspicious that this is another one of the Old Man’s many guises.

Also, in honor of the season, I podficced some Elf-smut–’cause there’s nothing more festive, amirite?

Hope you and yours have a wonderful day, whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not. <3

The Final Countdown, Day 21: Still

Tonight is the longest night, the Solstice, the first night of Yule. In Elannen, the celebration is for the midpoint of the year, the return of hope, the renewal of old alliances and the beginning of new ones, the wild shout of joy carried from one end of the forest to the other.

But I am in a more contemplative mood this night; the revels whirl around me, and I sit in their center, waiting and still. Perhaps this is grace, perhaps it is acceptance, perhaps it is simply that I am tired of struggling against the currents that tug on me.

I am no longer afraid of what is to come, and yet my heart still speeds at the thought. I do not know if I am ready, but that hardly matters anymore; what I am is prepared.

Whatever will happen, it will happen; I will still be myself afterward, and so will He. Only we will be ourselves, together. There’s comfort in that, at least.

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