Three Signs for the New Week (June 29, 2015)

The cards: 5 of Shapeshifters (reversed), 10 of Shapeshifters, The Moon

What Gwydion has to say:

There is no joy that can compare to the joy of finally coming out of a long dry spell and finding that things are not as hopeless as you feared. Like the cooling rains, there are blessings here in abundance to soothe and renew you. And all around you, both humble and mighty, stand fellow celebrants of life’s overwhelming wonder. Speak to them now from the deepest place in you, and trust that you will be understood and guided rightly, though the path through the woods be long and dimly lit.

Drink deep, and open your heart to new possibilities!

Just what I needed to hear, personally. Hope this is equally encouraging for the rest of you, too! :)

Giving people a heads up

Seren Lebannen:

Preemptively blacklisted. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Originally posted on The Serpent's Labyrinth:

If you are a trans person or trans ally you may want to blacklist this person from commenting on your blog.


To quote the comment directly, for the visual impaired:

“Pleope Septara Cyantornus: ‘On me being a “TERF”, you have to understand the definition of woman I go off of is adult human female which includes yourself. I’m not anti-woman in any way. Feminism is a political movement for the emancipation and liberation for all females, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, reproductive status, disability status, etc. Your comparison of me to conservatives is long debunked and disingenuous. In regard to the godhood of demons, I am skeptical myself. You have provided no convincing evidence they are worthy of this title though I am open to the possibility of it and realize that can be quite powerful.'”

The fact that you called me “an adult human female”…

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Three Signs for the New Week (June 22, 2015)

The cards: Ace of Four-Leggeds (reversed), Page of Shapeshifters (reversed), King of Shapeshifters

What Gwydion has to say:

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have it together right now, even though it may feel like it. Everything seems to be falling apart, yes?–particularly that facade of confidence and maturity you’ve built up over the years. Transformation is never easy, yet so often the milestones we race toward are entirely illusory–and all the shining trophies of adulthood doubly so. Remember that masks are there to fool other people, not yourself. Let yourself feel the helplessness, the uncertainty for a little while; turn off your phone and hide under a blanket all day if need be.

Emotions in themselves are neither immature nor regressive, only how you choose to act upon them. First soothe that part of you that wants to scream and cry and rip things off the shelves at the market. Then you can turn your face back towards the light and continue your journey, slowly unfurling the wings of your endless Self.

…Feel ALL the feels? Not bad advice for what I’m currently dealing with, but mehhhhh. :P

Three Signs for the New Week (June 15, 2015)

The cards: Justice (reversed), The Magician, The Hierophant

What Gwydion has to say:

A propitious week! If you are able, then set aside your concerns, if only for this brief space. The Solstice is a time for celebration, renewal, the forging of ties with Friends old and new. So go visiting! Try something different! Share your joy with the Worlds, and feel it flowing back to you! All your worries will still be there when you return, but some rest and distance will help you see them with new eyes and new resolve. For now, have a little fun–you’ve more than earned it.

(A word of caution, though: not Everyone appreciates having Their business discussed with all and sundry. Carouse if you like, but unless the other Parties involved are amenable, what happens Elsewhere stays Elsewhere.)

So yeah. Due to various factors, this hasn’t been the most pleasant of weeks for Him or me, so this message surprised me quite a bit. Something tells me I’m in for an interesting ride for the next little while…

And I’m definitely not gonna comment on any personal relevance in those last couple of sentences. Nope nope nope. :P

Three Signs for the New Week (June 8, 2015)

The cards: 9 of Winged Ones (reversed), 8 of Ancients, The Hierophant

What Gwydion has to say about them:

The way out of the maze of mirrors that you have made of your past hurts is to stop trying to see your way out. Everything in there is a reflection of a reflection of pain, and everywhere you look there is only more confusion instead of the exit you seek. Use your other senses instead; even without sight, you can still tell a blow from a caress, yes? Rely then on your inner wisdom and your Allies, even if you cannot sense Them beside you, and the limitless possibilities of all the Worlds will open before your feet.

There is never a bad time to cast off the shackles of old wounds. Why not now?

Hmm. Not primarily directed at me this week (although there is a more personal nuance to this particular draw that I didn’t include here, because of Reasons and lack of relevance to anyone else). Hope this one finds its way to the person who needs to see it, then. :)

Three Signs for the New Week (June 1, 2015)

Ace of Shapeshifters (reversed), 4 of Ancients, King of Ancients (reversed):

Neither forward nor back? Fear accomplishes precisely nothing, and fear of change least of all. Yet do not strike out blindly at that which binds you, or you will lose even more than you could through mere indecision. Between the two, then, is the chance for a greater peace–and even joy, if you will allow it to unfold in its own time. There is always a way to attain that which you long for the most. And see? it is already within your reach. Do not be afraid.

…Well. I certainly know how this applies to my own life, at least. Gwydion’s a crafty Fellow, for sure. :P

Please do let me know if this project is in any way helpful or enlightening for you. At some point I’ll put up a permanent page with an archive of these weekly readings and some info on the deck I’m using… BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.


An Experiment

Due to various factors, it’s been a while since I felt confident in my abilities to perform divination for anyone besides myself. It’s not that I can’t or won’t do so if needed, simply that I constantly second-guess myself and my interpretations of what I see in the cards and runes. And while a certain amount of oversight of oneself is healthy and even desirable in these sorts of matters, too much of that gets to be self-defeating; going in with the assumption that your readings are inaccurate can easily lead to them being inaccurate, regardless of whether they were before.

For a while, this hasn’t been a big issue; I’ve generously been allowed the chance to regroup and lick my wounds in relative privacy. But a certain Gentleman has decided, in that very polite way of His, that I’ve fooled around quite long enough and need to get back on the horse. Or if not the horse, then at least a moderately-sized pony.

So, to that end, I’m going to be performing a bit of an experiment here. Starting this coming Monday, I’ll be posting a mini-oracle for the week, using the Tarot deck that Gwydion’s claimed as His preferred divination tool.

I don’t know yet if these messages will end up being useful or interesting to anyone besides me and Him; I have in the back of my mind the Love Notes from various deities that have been circulating on Their devotees’ blogs lately, but since Gwydion isn’t exactly the most extroverted or recruitment-minded God out there, there’s no telling how relevant His messages will be for the general public. But who knows? At the very least, this exercise will give me some much-needed experience and confidence, and could possibly lead to me branching out into a public oracular practice and/or paid readings again, if all goes well.

So I do hope you’ll all bear with me as I’m getting comfortable with all of this, and please feel free to let me know if one of these upcoming messages is particularly insightful or helpful to you.

See you on Monday! :)

10: Soon

I’ve never been there to see Him awaken, pull Himself from death’s drowning embrace onto life’s now unfamiliar shores. This is one of the few things He wishes privacy for; even a God deserves a little time to pull Himself together before having to deal with people first thing in the morning, I suppose.

And it’s not the most important part of the event, at least for me. That part is when I go out to meet Him in a particular place where the Worlds overlap, with something good to drink and over a week’s worth of longing overflowing from every part of me.

It seems almost superfluous to mention that sex occurs; at that point, we’re both so overcome with need for each other that we don’t even make it back into the house first. But there’s more to it than just banging our bits together: it becomes an affirmation of life in all its glory, spilling out from us to replenish those places and things we’ve been given stewardship of. It’s a renewal, too, of our Marriage–a yearly reconsecration, like being with Him for the very first time all over again.

And so, soon enough, I’ll change my clothes, pour His drink, and slip out into the night. Soon, I’ll run my fingers through His hair and whisper His name into the darkness. Soon, I’ll share with Him the laughter and tears of reunion.



Hail, my Husband! My heart delights to know You are alive, and my body thrills to the promise of Your touch.


9: Rest

I’ve been living in a state of high anticipation these last couple of days, almost floating through the house as I go about my various tasks. He’s returning tomorrow night, and I’ve never been more ready for anything in my entire life.

Tonight, though, I’m intending to take it easy; it’s been a long and tiring day, and I’m sore all over. Which, really, has brought home part of the point of this time without Him. Yes, it’s difficult to be apart, and this constant longing wears on my spirit, making me raw and hollow inside. But this is also a time of rest and minimal spiritual obligations, despite the formal ritual activities I perform while He’s gone; they merely provide a shape to my days, a much-needed sense of definition to what would otherwise be a disorganized storm of angst and apathy. Within the bounds of these rites, I can relax and replenish myself on my own terms without the nagging sense that I should be doing more than I already am. Not that I dislike having my Menfolk around, mind you–it’s just nice, every once in a while, to have a little time to myself.

So tonight I’m going to light the candles for Him, take my accustomed bath, and see to the various other little observances I need to perform. After that, though? Well, maybe I’ll watch a movie, or read for a while, or just go to bed early–whatever I feel like once the time comes.

While He rests, I rest also. And even without Him, it is good.


Hail, O Sleeping King! Soon You will awaken, and so I savor the sweet longing of these last hours apart from You.


8: Security

He always leaves His cloak with me when He goes. I don’t have a physical analogue or anchor for it in the physical realm, but Elsewhere, I keep it wrapped around me nearly all the time.

It’s almost a security blanket for me: blissfully warm, woven from not quite soft, not quite rough wool, large enough for me to get lost in. And it still carries His scent, rich and comforting and always a little mysterious, like familiar woods cast in a strange and unearthly light on a midnight ramble.

It isn’t as good as His embrace, but it is a way for me to hold a little part of Him until His return. And it’s His assurance to me that He will return; a security deposit, if you will, to be reclaimed once I’m satisfied He’s brought Himself back to me in one piece.

And He always does.


Hail, my Green-Cloaked Lord! Your love wraps itself around me even in Your absence, and warms the chill in my heart even in bitterest cold.


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